Saturday, 9 June 2012

Brand New Single: 565 - Where Dem Dey

The artiste ‘565’ real name OVRIRIE EFE ENERIAKPOZE (born March 12th, 1980) is rapper and R & B recording artiste. He hails from Isoko South, Delta State of Nigeria. He has a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Architecture. He started singing and dancing to the tunes of the late legend Michael Jackson at an early age. He grew in the choir taking solos and leading the choir at subsequent times. He got inclination to rap music in 1992 when he listened to Dr Dre and furthermore listening to Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls) and flosses from Shawn Carter. Then he started writing rap songs and got on stage in 1997 and had a great experience for a start. He also works as an Architect and lives in Abuja- FCT, Nigeria. He believes in a great sense of decency which is reflected in his lyrics and thinks artistes should learn to have songs that inspire and help people make progress and provide answers.

He got the name “565” from slum book write ups from secondary school days. The concept ‘565’ is the alphabets that simply represent the letters of his name ‘EFE’. He used to do more of freestyles until he met a friend ‘Eny X’ now known as ‘Black Rabbi’ who made him see the importance of writing songs sometime in the late 90s.

He’s written several songs and featured with several artistes. He dropped his 16-track debut album titled ‘D WORLD IS MINE’ on the 9th of October, 2011. He featured great artistes like Samsong, Casey Ed (Winner of Glo Naija Sings Season 2), Protek, Recky D, TB1, Esta, Temple and a couple of others.

He is an artiste to watch out for especially for events where he’s known to leave the audience a lasting impression.  ‘Where Dem Dey’ video just came out and was directed by BNG.

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