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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Christ Rydaz, 'the latest gospel hip-hop sensation', you can call them the 'Take 5' boys for their 'Take 5' hit track in Transformers mix-tape release of 2011.
They're finally coming out with a tee shirt brand of the fore mention track title, 'Take 5', a tee shirt that bears names of over 120 gospel artistes, ministers, churches and even producers.
It is meant to celebrate and salute the ceaseless efforts of veterans and the courageous step of upcoming artistes.
Christ Rydaz assured us that this is not just another fad, it's something beyond brand and fashion, "I hope that the spread of these tee shirts will spur more artistes to shamelessly proclaim their faith". Voiced Ochi of the C. Rydaz.
The 'take five' tee shirts are branded by the prestigious 'Alan Lane' designer/cloth line and powered by Christed Records.

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The tee shirts goes for both gender in all colors and sizes of choice, as orders are made online or simply by calls. To get yours call 07035536681
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