Over the years I have followed gospel music with keen interest. I am what many people will call a freak and I must confess even though I am one I have enjoyed and experienced great music from around the world. Styles,concepts and innovations many didn't even know existed.

I thought it wise not to keep all I’ve seen and heard but share my experiences, the past, the present and the future. It has been a pleasurable ride over the years. From traditional gospel sounds of fuji, highlife, and the likes in Nigeria to negro spirituals, contemporary praise and worship, R&B and hihop in America( Which the whole world has now adopted). Rock centered gospel in Australia to the reggae, dancehall and socca sounds of the Caribbean Islands, even to the classical sounds of  South Korea. Gospel music has had the same effect. Its healing, inspiring and life changing music.  So I welcome you to this experience. Enjoy the ride!!!