Saturday, 9 June 2012

Escapology: The Producer Dairies by Dr Sankty

Dr Sankty is back with Page Two of the #Escapology: The Producer Diaries web series, "Gbori Duro". This time he switches things up a bit, teaming up with Yoruba rap guru Samnem and pop crooner Soltune, and inbetween the trio, they succeed in giving us a stupendous blend of late 80s pop, hip hop, and a healthy sprinkling of that Naija touch we all love.

According to the Doctor, "Basically, the core idea [of #Escapology] is to express my creative yearnings in the music production aspect of things by showcasing what can happen when highly skilled artistry meets up-to-date, professional  production/engineering paradigms. So every month, on the first Monday, which we will tag #Escapology Mondays, premiering in May 2012, we will drop a fresh new joint, produced by me and starring the vocal prowess of  an artist or artists with proven credibility in the game."

#Escapology - The Producer Diaries, Page 1 is also available here 
Dr Sankty - "Heyya" (Featuring G.O.R)

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