Free Download: Oyez! - WAR

In the spate of insecurity and terrorism in the land, there's no better time to release a song that heralds Victory over the oppressions and senseless acts of people who conspire against the existence of peace in our nations. Oyez does justice to this in his new track "WAR" which serves as an acronym for "We Are Ready", implying the readiness to resist the inhumane persecutions leveled against the defenceless, physically and spiritually.

We do not know if Oyez has any military training or battlefield experience but we do know he has the passion to fight for a good cause. "WAR" is more than a battle song, it's a Victory Song!

Oyezechukwu OYEZ! Emmanuel is a Nigerian entertainer-songwriter based in Lagos. He occasionally does poetry, humour and shares his random thought on life issues from a humorous point of view on his blog ( He's a computer scientist and entrepreneur into web-designing and mobile-marketing. Born to a Christian family, Oyez started with turning Bible verses into Rhyming Recitations back then in the Children's Church. He did this for quite a number of years as a teen, featuring on stage as a prodigy MC in Church events thereby perfecting his wordplay skills.

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