New Single: Tony Adoki - Gba Control

Anthony Adoki is a contemporary gospel recording artist and worship leader. He's been leading worship for  over 25 years to the glory of God. Tony released his debut album in  2009. This new single is called Gba control.  Recorded at Even Ezra studios Victoria Island Nigeria.

 The song features FLO and Gaise.  Gba Control pulls you into a contemporary praise moment that is intimately moving.  Even then, Gba Control is one you will want in your collection so that you can jam praise along with it all week long. Thematically, the word control is very strong and deep. A lot of things as well as people try to control us. We in turn sometimes obliviously  end up controlling people in the bid to control things. Being in/under control isn't a bad thing depending on who and what you give the right to control you.  Gba Control is a song to help you dance and draw from the abilities you have inside of you. It also tells you about the one to whom you can give the control of your life to, for your own good.  We must be careful not to give the control of our life to mundane things or someone that will eventually destroy and abandon us. So I recommend this song and its strong message to guide you to that lovely person that won't use and dump you –JESUS CHRIST. He is that person who wants to standby you for always and forever