New Release: Kurt Carr - Bless This House


For over two decades, Kurt Carr has been blessing the household of faith with modern day hymns such as “The Presence of the Lord is Here;” “For Every Mountain;” “I Almost Let Go;” “In the Sanctuary,” and “God Blocked It.” In due course, the maestro’s earned an RIAA Certified Gold CD; a Grammy Award nomination and a gaggle of Stellar Awards. As he unveils his seventh CD, Bless This House (Verity Gospel Music Group), the gifted songwriter, conductor and producer says his new music doesn’t diverge from his masterful work of the past but merely builds upon it. “It’s a continuum of who I am,” Carr explains. “I believe I’ve come into what my niche and what my purpose is - to make music that edifies the Body and blesses the church of Jesus Christ.”

There are 17 new soul-stirring songs of encouragement and gratitude that comprise the double disc, Bless This House. The title track was a last minute addition that came to Carr while he was in Los Angeles to record the final songs for the CD. “It’s really a prayer asking God to bless and cover his people,”
The CD opens with the lush, fully orchestrated “Let Everything That Has Breath Praise,” featuring praise & worship leader extraordinaire Dr. Judith McAllister. Gospel fans voted in an online contest and chose the testimonial driven “I’ve Seen Him Do It” to be the first single off of the CD.
For those who appreciate the traditional old school experience, Carr delivers a handful of numbers like “We Cannot Be Silent (Psalm 34)” – which opens with veteran artist Lorraine Stancil-Lawson's meteoric soprano dancing over a simmering organ. He challenges her to take it to “the valley,” where she shows off her deep contralto notes, and then commands her to take it back to the mountain top where she hits a crystal-shattering note before the ensemble launches into a harmonious refrain of “I will bless the Lord at all times.” The organ squeals on the riveting hand clapper “Amen” (dedicated to the late queen of gospel, Albertina Walker) and the soul-stirring, “Between Here and There” that showcases the dynamic Kathy Taylor on the vamp.

For those who love the praise and worship genre, Carr brings that into the house too with such soaring ballads as “There Is A Sound” featuring Yvette Williams; “Praise and Worship” featuring Nikitta Foxx and “Touched By The Fountain of Grace” featuring Troy Bright – all which, in true Carr form, possess the pomp, majesty and classical ceremony of light opera.

BLESS THIS HOUSE also has high energy songs surely to become praise & worship team favorites, such as “Oh Magnify The Lord” and “Great God Great Praise.” The pop-infused “We Gotta Put Jesus Back,” featuring 7 year old Myles Caton, speaks of society breaking down as a result of taking Jesus out of Christmas and removing prayer from public schools. The solution: Put Jesus back! There’s a feel good vintage R&B vibe to “It’s A Good Day” which proclaims “every day you wake up…it’s a good day.”

Carr branches off into real dance territory on “Always Covering Me,” featuring Michelle Prather. The song boasts wailing vocals and a fusion of House music with a nod to the orchestrated beats of the `70s disco era.
BLESS THIS HOUSE is rounded out by such songs of gratitude as “I’ve Got So Much” that opens with Brandon Winbush’s soaring tenor and closes with Vonnie Lopez’ gutsy alto; and “I Want to Be True” where Timiney Figueroa sings about remaining true to her calling regardless of any accolades that may or may not come her way. A militaristic drum line filters the powerful anthem “Soldier On” in which Carr sermonizes, “For every Christian soldier who’s ever gotten weary from the battle of life…let me remind you that Jesus is your captain and because he’s your captain you cannot fail.”