Don Moen celebrates 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Don and Laura Moen got married this day 40 years ago! It has been a jolly ride for these two. This is what Don had to say on how they met and the journey so far.

Culled from donmoenandfriends

Wow! I’m sitting here in St. Thomas, USVI reading over all the wonderful greetings and blessings from friends all over the world. My heart is touched deeply! And, I receive all of your many blessings and kind words! Yes, God has been so faithful!

Several of you have asked how it all began, so I thought I’d respond briefly. Laura and I got married May 19th, 1973 after a concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had been touring South Africa and Europe for 12 months prior to that. Laura was a nanny to Evangelist Terry Law’s 8 month old girl (Misty) and our team photographer! We had met at Oral Roberts University two years earlier in April 1971. It was love at first sight (at least for me!). It took Laura a little longer!! Ha!!

I toured for the next year with a singing group, Living Sound, while Laura remained at ORU. After her semester ended in May 1972, I asked her to come travel with our group on the road for a couple of weeks so we could be together. While she was visiting me, she began to take care of Terry and Jan Law’s little baby girl, and when it came time for her to leave, Terry and Jan asked her if she’d be willing to stay for the year and take care of the baby while Jan sang. I was thrilled!! My girlfriend was going to be travelling with me throughout Europe and Southern Africa!

I proposed to Laura in April 1973, in Johannesburg South Africa at the end of our tour there. I sold my bass guitar (a beautiful 1963 Fender Jazz Bass) and bought our rings, the same ones we are wearing today! We returned to the USA in May with Living Sound to begin a tour of the churches that supported our missionary trip, which included a two day stop (Saturday and Sunday) in Minneapolis. The church met at a beautiful old theatre on 14th and Nicollet Avenue.

Laura and I were married after our concert Saturday night. After the concert, Terry Law told the audience, “Following the concert tonight you’re all invited to stay for the wedding of our guitarist, Don Moen and his fiancĂ©e, Laura Shrock.” The wedding started at 10:00 PM and I had a thousand people at my wedding that I didn’t know!! The entire Living Sound group sang at my wedding and I played “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” on my violin as Laura walked down the aisle. She was beautiful! The church was kind enough to provide cake, punch and coffee for all the guests, and my buddy Joe Anderson was kind enough to take some pictures. Laura bought her dress on sale for $85 and someone graciously paid for our stay at the Ramada Inn for our honeymoon. Our entire wedding cost $350!!!

While the group sang on Sunday, Laura and I were given the day off, and we were back on the road staying in people’s homes on Tuesday! People would ask us how long we’d been married and you should have seen the look on their faces when we told them “2 days”!!! We just kept travelling, and haven’t really stopped except to have 5 children in between. What a fabulous journey! Yes there have been challenges but through it all, we have found that God is faithful! Here’s to the next 40 years Babe!!