I.C.E - We Run This Town

ICE describes himself as ‘a teacher who uses rap as a medium to deliver the message of grace’ and has a vision to takeover by spreading the word of grace through his musical and teaching gifts.
An exceptionally gifted writer and lyricist ICE delivers his message in a way that is clear, concise and up-lifting. He does not compromise on the content or the beat of his music as he believes that one is as important as the other.
He was nominated for best hiphop artiste in the 2012 sceptre award. The following year he released two brand new singles  ‘blood on the sand’ and ‘kosi-gbese’ which have received wide spread acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Now he has brought out this unique single "we run this town" cos he sincerely believes we christians are called to "run" the town in the place of prayer and speaking forth what God has done for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus which will then result in our taking over every echelon and strata of our society irrespective of our field of endeavour. We have TAKING OVER and truely WE RUN THIS TOWN