Mista Seth - With Yours (Download)

Mista Seth is a talented producer, song writer and vocalist who has brought out the best in artists including Rugged Man, Mode 9, Six foot plus, Sgt Plus, Terry Da Rap Man, Over Dose (OD), Ricky Bent, Benser among many others. His works speak for itself as many say that he is a master of producing hits. some people say that he is the man for the moment; some people say that he is the next big thing; others call him a blessing, a great leader, a force that will soon take over the entertainment industry but, he sees himself as a messenger ready and willing to do the master wish.

This is R & B gospel at its best. Im in love with this song and I'm sure will fall in love with it and definitely be blessed after hearing it. So here it is from Mista Seth With Yours. Enjoy