Thursday, 19 December 2013

FRESH: Testimony - Odun Nlo Sopin

ODUN NLO SOPIN » Chorus originally composed by Good women Choir. Covered and Remixed by TESTIMONY (Mr Jaga), Produced by RSQ, video directed by JAZZEL FILMS. Testimony's original names are Aliu Olayiwola Salau, hails from Iperu-remo, Ogun state.
He started his musical career six years ago, with three singles to his credit although he has a lot of featured songs. He is all about good music and good music is all about him. Testimony is a cautious artist who also loves what he does; Music.
Testimony's songs are created from good rhythm and are fun filled, encouraging and full of spoken wisdom. He transforms unspoken emotions into music which is one of his most admired talent. One of his strongest desires is to create a kind of music that would change not just Nigeria, but the world and above all, a music that would live forever.
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Facebook: Testimony Mr jaga Salau
Twitter: @testimonynaija

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