4 DECADES, 40 MILLION "PRAISERS": Alujo Continua by Kayode Olusoji

Forty marks a new beginning in one’s life. It is like starting a new phase of life. I was born in Ilesa, the biggest city in Osun State, Nigeria, exactly forty years ago. I was born not with silver spoon in my mouth but I am sure I was born to fulfill a mission here on earth. I am not a product of accident, I was purposely sent by God to affect my generation positively.

There is a common saying that some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. I am sure that I have a greatness thrust upon me because I strongly believe that everyone is born a star, whether you are shining or not is now left to you. God created every one of us as stars and created enough space in the sky for us to shine. The more the numbers of the shining stars, the more the illumination, so let us all begin to shine and deliver our world from darkness.

Jesus began His ministry after He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. Moses received the Ten Commandments after he waited upon God on the mount for 40 days and 40 nights. Elijah also after eating a supernatural meal received the strength to fast for 40 days and 40 nights and received the power for greater exploits. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years after which they entered into a land flowing with milk and honey. A fool at forty they say is a fool forever. That means if the saying is correct, a wise man at forty can as well be called a wise man forever. Anyone who does not have a clear direction for his or her life at forty needs a special deliverance.

I am grateful to God for the last four decades. He gave me life and I want to appreciate Him with my music, because I don’t have any better gift that He can appreciate like praise. I therefore need forty million people to sing this song with me “Alujo Continua”. It is a song of thanksgiving to my Maker. I also want you to pray along with me that the next forty years will be far greater than the former.


I adopted that title of the song from Aluta Continua. While in the university, I participated in some “Aluta”. The slogan “Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta” means, the struggle continues but victory is certain. I however realized that victory was not always certain sometimes when we embarked on Aluta. Some Aluta landed us in serious trouble. However, when you sing song of praise to God, victory is certain. This has been proven over and over again. Starting from the shout of joy that demolished the great walls of Jericho, to the City of Judah that defeated three nations via praise, to the three Hebrews who refused to worship idols but held a concert inside the fire and the Son of God Came down and inhabited their praises and delivered them , to Paul and Silas who worshipped God in the Prison without musical instruments and they could not dance nor clap because they were chained, neither do they have any special robe because their dress were torn prior to their ministration, yet, they brought victory to all the prisoners because the King of Glory came down as they praise God and all the prison doors were opened and their chains were broken.

I can see chains been broken as you sing this song; “Alujo Continua”. I can see prisoners been set free as you sing the song. I can see sinners been saved and I can see several people been healed as a result of this music. That is my special gift to God and to you. Kindly join me in singing the song.

As I say Alujo Continua, let your response be Victoria Ascerta, Healing Ascerta, Salvation Ascerta, Joy Ascerta, Financial Blessings Ascerta, Promotion Ascerta, Breakthrough Ascerta and the list goes on. Kindly share and spread the music far and wide until 40 million tongues join me in singing the song.

Kayode Olusoji
The Gidi Gan Master

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