Something big is cooking in the gospel music industry. It is a network of kingdom based music business professionals across Africa. Do we know all the music business professionals in the music industry?  Do you know that we have over 50 music business professionals? What are their roles? How can they help you and I actualize our dreams? Do you care to know more about these professions in music business? Woodclef is providing you that BIG platform for you to connect with these professionals. Furthermore, this will give us room and opportunity to interconnect with these professionals across Africa.
What is a Business Networking? Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity. In the case of Woodclef Professionals’ Network, it is established to promote synergy, build new business relationships, generate new business opportunities, and for it to serve as an avenue for  mentorship program while learning more about music business. We will discuss kingdom-based principles for enhancing our ministry and music businesses. There are more mouth-watering benefits that you will get to know as events unfold. Be a part of this great move.
Who are the Professionals? Find below the list of the professionals who can be a part of Woodclef Professionals Network

  • Bloggers
  • Music Producers
  • Video Directors
  • Graphic Artists
  • Photographers
  • Music Business Consultants
  • Entertainment Lawyers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Make-up Artist
  • Music Marketers
  • Concert Promoters
  • Websites Developers
  • Internet Person
  • Independent Radio Promoters
  • Vocal Coach
  • Back-up Singers
  • Music Directors
  • Backing Musicians
  • Artist Managers
  • Booking Agents
  • Music TV Presenters
  • Music Radio Presenters
  • Music Distributors
  • Gospel Deejays
  • Performing Artists
  • Recording Artists
  • Song Writers
  • A & R Person
  • A & R Managers
  • Fan Club Organizers
  • Marketing Person
  • Merchandisers
  • Music-TV Producers/ Directors
  • Picture Editors
  • Radio Dj
  • Radio Plugger
  • TV Plugger
  • Radio Producers
  • Record Producers
  • Roadie
  • Record-Company Managing Director
  • Rock Hotellier
  • Sleeve Designesr
  • Accountants
  • Studio Managers
  • Stylists
  • Script Writers
  • Tour Managers
  • Tour Promoters
  • Wife/Husband Lodgers
  • Press Officers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Social Media Marketers
…and many more

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You can support this vision by inviting all the Music Business Professionals within your network across Africa to join us via our social links.  If there is any other way you think you can support this cause, please get in touch with us through this email address:

Thank you.

Kayode Olusoji
CEO @Woodclef