Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Highest Praise Live This Friday

When God thought of blessing man, he decided to put a heart of worship in man! worship reminds God of the purpose of our creation which is to worship him!'s another time to collectively put God to remembrance of this purpose of our creation!
 Join us this Friday @ The Prophetic Praisetrain service, Sept 18th 2015, 10:30pm.
Venue :: Masterpiece assembly, 70 Allen avenue(Bisket house) Ikeja, Lagos.
Ministering : Zera Mass choir,Swat team, Rose Oba, Thobbie and you!
Host:  Korede and Catherine Adams.
Date :: Sept 18th, 2015
Time :: 10:30pm

Instagram – @masterpiecceassembly
Twitter – @masterpiece2day
Raising a masterpiece generation…experiencing and expressing christ in every place!!

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