Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Video: Haruna Bako - Stop The Killings

Haruna Bako Goroh is an Industrial Design graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Born in the village of Shadalafia in Kaduna State. His musical journey began during the time he was an undergraduate. He played drums for The Messengers on Campus and the Soul Seekers. In his music journey, he worked closely with Gospel music icons like Panam, Dorcas Bentu, He featured in Music Festivals like the Living Springs that attracted bands across the nation. There was a time in his music career that Haruna played drums for different bands within and outside Zaria.
He started a Band during his National youth’s Service in Lagos, and further released an album with the band. Haruna joined the Oasis Band, a group started by the Founder of Gospel Unlimited, Professor Duro Adegboye after his Youth Service Corps. Goroh later left the Oasis and started his own band called Goroh and The Heart Knocks.  He featured in various music concerts and festivals in Nigeria and released various albums. He organized an Annual Music Festival that featured the then renowned Gospel artistes in the likes of Panam Percy, Synergy, Broda Martyns, Chris Aguguan, Ejoga and the Family Singers. 

Haruna was later referred to as the Gospel Raggae King of Nigeria because of his style of music. His style of composition always related to issues of national interest.
At the peak of his music career, he received a call in 1992 to go to Namibia as a Missionary.  In 1994, Haruna moved his family to live in Namibia, where they have lived till date. Upon his arrival in Namibia, his music career seemed to have taken a back seat as he devoted most of his time in Church planting and raising upcoming artists.
In 2012, Haruna was moved by God to write songs aimed at addressing the challenges that faced Nigeria, e.g., Boko Haram, the economy, corruption, unity electricity etc. He recorded a fourteen (14) tracked album. During this time, he made several trips to Nigeria to collaborate with various artists and studios to help the release of the album titled, “Keep Nigeria One.” The album has a number of genres, ranging from Raggae, Afro Beat, and High life
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