Gospel music minister and fast rising recording gospel artiste Aghogho releases ‘All the praise’.
Aghogho is a gifted, anointed and passionate gospel Singer , Songwriter, HR professional,and a praise worship leader at House on the Rock Church Abuja.
Aghogho is currently working on her debut album.She has previously released two singles “Saviour & Friend” & “I am Free”.
The song “All the Praise” is a song of thanksgiving that expresses gratitude to God in the unity of the 3 major Nigerian languages.

According to Aghogho, the song is an expression of my gratitude to God for all he has done for me, for all he is doing right now and for all he will do in the future, I will give him my best praise which is all the praise there is to give, hence the title of the song “All the Praise” becuase giving God praise is what I will never stop doing.
Simply put God deserves all my accolades!


Lyrics to All The Praise
Verse 1
Alpha and the Omega
The beginning and the end
God of all wisdom and power
Jehovah eh 3x
Yaweh is his name
Ese o Ubangiji ( Thank you lord)
Mungode Chineke ( We thank you God)
Imela o Olorun ( We thank you God)
We give you all the praise today

Verse 2
God of all the universe
He’s the maker of all men
He heals the sick and raises the dead o
Jehovah eh 3x
Yaweh is his name

Chorus 2x
Ese (Thank you)
Da alu ( Thank you)
Igwe ( King)
Imela ( Thank you)
Mungode( We thank you)
Yesu ( Jesus)
Oba lori aiye ( The king over the earth)
Thank you