Monday, 6 August 2018

Music + Video: Altar Of Praise - Roll This Mountain Away | @Altarofpraise2

Altar of praise is born in August, chasing after the kingdom of God,  a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she did release an EP last year 2017 with the title 'Never too late' And the hit 'Lay Your Hands on me make i blow' she has just release the video for 'Roll This Mountain Away', which promises to be inspiring as usual and loaded with the blessings of God to every hear that listen to the song.  It's a song that engage the confidence we have in Christ
Jesus to turn every challenging situation that's a hindrance or mountain on the way for good.
It's a song of hope and faith that our God will grant us grace to fulfill our individual destiny whatever it may take
Altar of praise ' biological name is' Jennifer Obayuwana (Nee Egua-Idahosa), she attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University. She is happily married with children.  And blessed with an awesome voice,  she is the leader of Alter of Praise Blessed Voices,  a Christian music praise band in Benin city.


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