Music: ODIGHI ARARU URA (He Never Sleeps) by Wemi Moore | @WemiMoore

Enjoy this amazing soul-lifting dance song - ODIGHI ARARU URA (He Never Sleeps) by Wemi Moore.

"God fights your every battle. He is so crazy about you, so much sleep don't matter. He stays up just for you; Rejoice! He's got you in control...yes, YOU! Wrote this song to remind you; God loves you!!!"

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Fbk: Wemi Moore
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When i think of your love
I count all my blessing
Never enough
To tell of Your mercies
How You brought me out
You took me in
Odighi Araru Ura You're always on time

There is nothing too hard for You
And there's nothing that's bigger than You
I submit my fears casting all my worries
To the one who never sleeps

Odighi Araru Ura
Ah ah ah ah ah ah You blow my mind

So I declare I have a sound mind
The greater one He lives in me
There is nothing too hard for God to do
His ways are right He's always on time

Everything wey I dey find
En say e fit provide
I don't need to hustle God dey see my struggle uh uh
I'm blessed exceedingly and abundantly
E pass ability God is the Almighty

Outta saints You chose the sinner
This love be leading me on
Onyedikaghi You trip me flawless God
Your mercies incomparable
Your works indescribable
You knew me, formed me, claimed me, sent me then You raised me up

All I wanna say
Idi egu
No matter what they say
Idi egu
My life don beta
Idi egu
Come celebrate with me
Idi egu
No need to worry my broda
No need to fret my sista
No be your ability
God is the Almighty

Come celebrate with me ehhh
Come jubilate with me ooo
Am always on His mind
My God e never sleep
He is the Almighty o
E go do am o
E neva sleep
Join me let's lift His name o