Video + Audio: Steve Williz - The Living God (Live)

Steve Williz is out with the live version of his song The Living God. The song is from the music in me album and from the Joy Project live Recording Concert held in Abuja at the Transcop Hilton. The living God is a song of exaltation of our lord Jesus, the breasted one, the king of kings, the living God.

Song mixed and mastered by - Tklek 
Song produced by - Sheddy Justin 
Video edited by - Sam presto
Arrangement -Manuz
Concert Production - Joy project 

Living God (Lyrics)

Verse 1

I have come to worship you

To declare my love for your

To exult your majesty 

As I join my voice 

With the angels to say.


You are holy holy 

Lord God almighty (eco)

 I worship you almighty God

I worship you almighty 

You are the living God

Ebube  dike

You are the living 2x

Verse 2

 Your the lover of my soul

Your the hand that made me whole

Your the Piller of my life

As I join my voice with the angels to say

(Back to the chorus)

Holy holy lord you are holy ( eco)

Faithful faithful lord you are faithful (eco)

Righteous Righteous lord you are righteous 

Lords you are righteousness (4x)

I worship you almighty God

I worship you almighty

You are the living God

You are the living God 

Ebube Dike

You are the living