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Ex-Militant Turned Gospel Minister PP Wali Releases Debut Single Titled "My Testimony"

Ex-militant turned preacher, Prince Peter Wali Popularly Known As PP Wali is out with a his debut single titled "My Testimony."
"My Testimony" is a fusion of soulful choral background music and a life changing message/commentary that summarized his past and how he came out. The uniqueness of this project is compelling and quite powerful.


PP Wali is a songwriter who has written so many songs and life changing books. As an ex-militant, he knows how it feels to be lost, desperate and hopeless without Christ. Many years after coming out of a life style of drug addition, militancy and the likes, he has been travelling around the globe to ameliorate lives by preaching the good news to the lost and messages of revival to the church. To intensify his soul winning efforts and cover a wider range of people, he has recorded his debut single titled “My Testimony.”
Today, PP Wali’s purpose and passion lies in helping people seek God and find their purpose in Him.

Twitter: @wali_pp
Instagram: @ppwali
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