NEW MUSIC : UGO - He's in control Prod By Lisma



Ugochukwu Abraham Okere popularlly known as UGO Is a Nigerian gospel singer  a keyboardist, writer and a composer who came
From imo state
Born in Lagos in the month of April 25 1997 started singing in his little age.
This song was inspired  by the holy spirit. on a faithful morning, I decided to pray and praise Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the mist of Worshipping, the  Lord said to me "am in charge" am in control", I give and I also take

The lord said  to me just cast your burden on ME.  so I had the voice that said, pick up your pen and book and Start writing I started writing the song.
As I was writing I started crying because the song was telling me what I should do when am in any situation or condition the holy spirit said to me be happy with yourself and your life because I will direct your part. 

this song is not just a song but a ministration to everyone that in any situation "he's in control"
In any condition u found yourself just get down on your knees and Pray to the Lord and stop asking for human help... because our help comes from the Lord the maker of everything
This is more than a song but a ministration on what u should do in every situation u find yourself

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