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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Meet "THE MISFIT" Dayve & Joel Prodigy

The MISFIT is a gospel rap duo that was formed out of the love for hiphop and to also bring creativity to the gospel rap frame.
The MISFIT is made up of Dayve(@therealdayve) and Joel Prodigy(@joelprodigy) who happen to be brothers.
Dayve is a rapper that has been brainstorming on how to be a blessing to many. He is known for constructive lyricism which is infused with a creative art of storytelling that relates to everyday life. Though still an upcoming act, he has the will to make a substantial impact in the industry. He released a single mid-last year which featured Rapsodee.

Joel Prodigy on the other hand is a spoken word poet, drummer and lyricist. He has written for upcoming acts as a ghostwriter and decided to link up with Dayve to form the MISFIT. Here the duo releases their first single, BEYOND BELIEF which was produced by Abuja's finest producer, Bemshima (@iambemshima) and mixed and mastered by fast-rising producer, Brayne-Zee. Enjoy