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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Music: John Okoh - God E-Dey | @enochokoh

Nothing can touch whoever God keeps. A reflection of the past would show you the many challenges that would have consumed you but God  led you through and made you overcome. "God e-Dey" by John Okoh is a song that expresses the timeless and sovereign  nature of God, presented in pidgin English. This is one of the most shortest pidgin song ever composed. It is one song that would bless your soul, body and spirit. It would make your feet tap, head nod and body moving again and again. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


This is one worship song you would want to have among your music genre. It s a medley of several songs that express the awesomeness of God inspite of what you may be going through or the current global economy, political or religious upheaval in the world today. Very suitable for both personal and collective  listening. God bless your soul with this!


Monday, 18 January 2016

Brand New Single: Praise Medley from amazing songwriter John Okoh

Prolific song writer John Okoh has just release a single of his sophomore album . Here is what he had to say. "This track “Praise Medley” is the 1st among the 15 tracks of my next album (God’s Kingdom Revealed) soon to be released by the Songwriter & Friends. Inspired and produced for both congregational and private high-praise to God. Its lyrical content validates a gospel music genre where God indeed remains the Object of praise. The track is a melody of in-depth praise designed to lift your spirit, soul and body anytime, any-day and anywhere."

 Bless your soul with this and share it!